Astrology is a powerful ancient science used for generations through multiple cultures to provide universal guidance in a profoundly accurate, mystical yet pragmatic way. Sometimes in this interesting life as a human being we can get a little lost on the path or overwhelmed with certain aspects of our lives, and in these momemts we need to dig a little deeper for soul based guidance when we feel our internal navigation systems are going a little haywire. Tapping into the divine can help quickly re-direct you on the the right path and give you deep insight into your purpose, pathway and how to maximise your life to a journey full of light, love, joy. success and laughter. Astrology is an incredibly useful tool passed down by many generations, some of the wisest soul such as kings, politicians, celebrities, CEO'S, mothers, fathers, daughters, and humans from all walks of life have utilised this practical wisdom to help identify their innate talents and bring forth true self awareness - And awareness is power! When we truly know ourselves, we know how to navigate this journey with far more insight, intuition and self-assurance. This allows you to remove destructive conditioning or habits that may be holding you back and shines a light on your brightest path, allowing you to live a soul fulfilling life of your truest calling, towards your highest destiny. 

And that's what you came here for. 

Reading Options


Natal Astrology Report 



This is a in-depth interpretation of your natal chart using the Western Astrology Whole Sign System. Intimate aspects of your soul and life's purpose will be revealed during the session and intuitive guidance offered on how to handle life's hurdles and maximise your talents to achieve your personal goals. 

1 hour in person/skype session

Comprehensive Chart Analysis


This is the most in-depth reading I offer, which 

incorporates all aspects of the natal chart reading mentioned above, as well as the current 

transiting energies. This means we are able to look at what is happening now in your life in present tense & can predict future energy transits  to guide you through the current & upcoming energies more specifically.

We combine the souls blue print and clarity around your life purpose with current intuitive 

guidance on how to handle relevant and upcoming energies in the most empowered way. 

60 minute video call session.

Relationship Synastry Report 



This is a relationship 

compatibility reading, comparing the charts of yourself as well as your significant other, 

highlighting areas where you are extremely compatible, not so compatable and offering guidance to navigate any challenges and clashes that may arise in the relationship realm. This is only available for pre-existing clients who have had a natal chart reading prior.


60 minute video call

Solar return

forecast reading 



In these sessions we look at the current planets transiting your chart and impacting certain areas and themes of your life for the upcoming year. You will be guided on what to expect for the year and encouraged to integrate certain energies, tools and awareness to help you navigate the astrological forecasts in the best and most integrated way possible. 

60 minutes video call

Please Note - All prices are quoted in USD and payable via online transfer or Paypal.

If you change your mind or cannot make your appointment refunds are not permitted.

I have a long waiting list, rescheduling is possible due to exceptional circumstances. 

If you would like an in person reading please email us at to arrange a booking.