Even if you haven't quite discovered it yet, We are all here for a divine purpose! Sometimes we can get a little lost on the path or overwhelmed with certain aspects of our lives, but rest assured the astrological alignment of the stars at the exact time and location of your birth, can accurately indicate your souls divine blueprint, giving you higher guidance on your souls journey. Astrology is an incredibly useful tool passed down by many generations, for thousands of years in multiple cultures from some of the wisest souls, to help identify your innate talents and bring forth true self awareness. And awareness is power! This allows you to remove destructive conditioning or habits that may be holding you back and shines a light on your brightest path, allowing you to live a soul fulfilling life of your truest calling, towards your highest destiny. 


Reading Options

Natal Astrology Report



This is a in-depth interpretation of your natal chart using the Western Astrology Whole Sign System. Intimate aspects of your soul and life's purpose will be revealed during the session and intuitive guidance offered on how to handle life's hurdles and maximise your talents to achieve your personal goals. 

1 hour in person/skype session, contact to book.

Comprehensive Chart Analysis $160

This incorporates all aspects of the natal chart reading mentioned above, as well as progressions, transits, and Numerology Aspects. This combines predictive elements and dives deeper into your chart, offering guidance on how to handle upcoming energies and future energies for the upcoming years. 75 minute video call session, please contact to book.

Synastry Report 


The charts of yourself as well as your significant other are compared in the field of relationships,  highlighting where you are compatible and offering guidance to navigate any challenges and clashes that may arise in the relationship. This is only available for pre-existing clients who have had a natal chart reading prior. 60 minute audio recording or one on one/Skype session

Membership Program 

$199.00 Per Year 

The membership program is only available to those that have had their chart analysed prior. It gives you a one year membership to a monthly service, where you are sent a personal recording of your planetary transits and guidance on how to navigate your personal energy transit each month. All recordings are sent within the first 3 days of the month and membership entitles you to 12 individual readings! Each reading is 10-15 minutes long and sent as an audio file via email 

intuitive life coaching sessions

Using your astrological placements as a framework I conduct online Skype or one on one sessions to offer guidance with intuitive compassion and insight around current challenges in your life, as we work through past traumas and upcoming challenges or hurdles channelling support and advice to guide you on your journey.

Please note this for clients who have already had their chard read.

90 minutes $130

Please Note - All prices are quoted in USD and payable via online transfer or Paypal. One on one readings in person in Bali can be paid cash or card on the day.