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Are you ready to be open to healing, sharing and being vulnerable amongst a bunch of like minded souls, in Paradise?

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Are you able to be non judgemental, open to new spiritual experiences and supportive, kind, caring and loving with the other soul sisters on the retreat?

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Are you ready to invest in yourself to make memories, and have one of the most amazing experiences of you life... in paradise....! :) 

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Thank you for being here and being open to this amazing experience! Are you prepared to travel and be available for the dates June 17th - 22nd?

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Which type of room option would you like to book for the retreat?

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The food and meals are all extremely fresh, delicious and healthy, but do you have any food intolerances or allergies we need to know about?

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Last question, if you are selected to be a guest for the retreat, would you prefer to pay in three instalments over three months ($40 extra payment plan cost) or to pay upfront in one instalment?

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