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Astrology Ramblings

Blog Entry #1 - 09/04/2020

Hi astrology angels, welcome to my very first blog post. 

My head feels like it's going to pop with things to say yet I want to try and give you the nutshell version, as time is of the essence and I don't want to keep you for too long. 

I’ve always been a wordy person so when you throw a world wide pandemic and a potential crisis of humanity into the mix, I have a lot to say.

So let's get straight to it. 

Saturn our Karmic time-keeper recently entered Aquarius, Mars 22nd to be specific and the age of Aquarius vibes are coming in hot. Key words are change, community, technology, new age, unique outlooks, spirituality. Basically - we are in the middle of somewhat of a spiritual warfare.  Big planets are colliding in the sky and that suggests big energies, light and dark, are going at it, head to head. It has happened over history and now its our generations turn. 


The light has been absolutely thriving prior to 2020 and I’m sure so many of you can attest to the fact that you were SO CLOSE to achieving goals of your wildest dreams and actually seeing success in your integral endevours. When we, as humans beings emit huge waves of light, which is what your cells are made of (the consciousness of our planet has been rising for a while now, big achievement for those conscious healing humans out there ie. you guys) basically, the dark has seen the threat. 

And put a great big fucking lid on it.

So here we are, perplexed, confused, anxious, unsure, and just scratching our heads at all of the chaos. And honestly, it’s hard to know where to turn. If  you go to the media to seek some truth it will BOMBARD you with fear, statistics and an information clusterfuck that will make you feel worse.

And how you feel indicates where your energies at and in a spiritual warfare where we need good vibing energy to influx - trust me, that is not where you want to go. 

Then there's social media, which will propel some people drastically out of their comfort zone reading conspiracy theories they weren't quite ready for (again causing anxiety and lowering their energy) Yet it gives others some beautiful and powerful element of freedom of speech - until you get red flagged for mentioning 5g and they delete your posts.

Is the corona virus real? Yes. Is it as serious as the say? Nope.

Is it created in a lab to distract us from other shady shit behind the scenes... I feel the truth around that will be revealed later but yes this is one possibility. 

This virus can make people terribly sick yes. However, More people die of the flu. 

Do we need to take precautions so people with weakened immune systems don't suffer? Yes. Do we also need to open our eyes and start to see that a virus is possibly blanketing FAR DEEPER TRUTHS HERE and is a massive distraction to some disturbing shit that can be confronting? but just like a snake in the room we need to see it to remove the thing?

Yes. We seriously fucking do. 


Guys, wake up. What is this life? A life where you and your parents (ok so maybe not you guys as you're a conscious crew.. but our population in the western world) work 9-5pm for 70% of your life here on this magnificent Earth. And on those two days off per week you numb yourself on the couch cause you’re so exhausted. Cows and wild animals and birds roam freely here on this planet we all call home and yet here we are as humans having to wake up early and haul ass to some corporate office to make money for someone else, Who is then also making money for someone else above them. And then they are controlled by a government that doesn't really give a shit about the minions (most of us) at the bottom of the pyramid trying to put food on the table, yet they give all the shits about increasing taxes and increasing their false sense of power through more and more and MORE greed. Treating this planet like a video game.


These puppeteers are also working for someone else. An energy… a force… that is not made of light or love. If we keep our eyes closed and continue sleep walking through life in this manipulated state, it's not pretty where the strings pulled could take us. 

More slavery, more rules, less freedom, more suffering... all prettily packaged as "solutions to this Crisis."


However, even though this all sounds a bit doom and gloom - please don't be scared.

Be aware. We want to keep your energy in the light. From an energetic, spiritual, astrological perspective - you are sovereign. You are a soul having a human experience. 

Your soul is made of pure light. Of love. Which means, you get to choose whether you go into the dark or not. No -one can take that choice from you. If you go into the dark you are effectively allowing these puppeteers to pull your strings and lure you into the shit. So don't. This is a hunger games mentality going on at the top and it's best to choose not to play. What does that mean? Don't buy into the fear. The fear is the dark, the shadow that will keep you wandering around with your eyes closed not able to see the way. It is the place you're in when the big bad wolf approaches the lost children in the dark with candy, appearing as a hero but behind the cloak is a TOTAL dickhead. The world is being controlled by these Dick heads, for lack of a better word. Open your eyes! 

We have been conned for decades about what being a human being is supposed to be. 

You are SOVEREIGN what the HELL are we all doing slaving away for an evil billionaire sect (i’m not kidding, they are exactly who’s holding the remote control right now and they don't have a single ounce of empathy.) 


Take comfort in the fact right now that you are divine. You are made up of a soul and a spirit that chose to be here for this time. The planet wants to raise her conciousness and for her to get there she needs us as her crew. Just like our bodies need our white blood cells to fight our battles for us.. we’re the little cells of the body of a glorious blue dot full of life that gives us life and for the sake of humanity she needs us right now.. SHE NEEDS YOU TO BE A BEACON OF THE LIGHT.

Thats all you’ve got to do. Be light. Stay in your heart space. Bring love. Turn off the news, it's bullshit manipulating you and here's a fun fact one of the evil billionaire puppeteers happens to own all of the networks contributing to our media. Don't take the candy. 


What makes you feel lit up? Music, dogs, nature, making art, calling friends, running, laughing, making memes, baking, singing? Loving? DO IT. Spread love, spread awareness and encourage others to do so too. 


It's literally a life or death matter, This is no fluffy post - this is real shit.

Economic structures are going to crumble. Things will sometimes feel scary. 

Stay in the light. Stay in the light. Stay in the light. 

Money will be used as the "candy" to lure you in. Don't fall for it. 

Conscious communities can come together to support each other, don't let financial fears cloud your clarity. You will be just fine if you stay in the light. 


Just like a burning torch lights a roaring fire, your light will spread. 

If you see someone in fear, give them light. 

Turn off the news for them, send them love, some vitamins and a funny meme. 


Don't you think it's a little suspicious that we can't by law hug, touch or comfort each-other right now? That's another control ploy to try and minimise you. Human connection is immensely powerful and they'll do all they can to try and squash it.


We need a tidal wave of a light force to contend with the dark shadow workers pulling at their nasty strings. If you’re reading this, that's you. It's going to take a lot of love, a lot of good vibes, following your gut instincts, going against the grain and having courage. 

You may need to say NO to something that doesn't feel right in your gut.
If someone wants to shove a mirco chip in your arm or a vaccination presented as a “cure”

Refuse. There is power in numbers. If we all refuse, it's a victory. 


Do what you love. Create a sancutrary within your home of love and good vibes. This 5G topic is one for another day as I’m still trying to absorb my take on it, but 5G is essentially energy frequencies. Yet these frequencies can make you very sick.


But just like you, it's energy. If you can manage to keep your energy in the right space, if you can connect to your soul (THROUGH DOING THE THINGS THAT YOU LOVE!) your physical body will have a better chance of tolerating the 5G energies. There is also many EMF protection mats and gadgets on  the market to help block out and minimise EMFS. Us human beings are incredibly resourceful. Buy the gadgets. Support the light working side of our economy. Eat nutritious immune boosting foods. Consider relocating to 5g free environments.

Sign petitions against 5g. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. There will be beautiful powerful forces coming through on their light white horses too you guys, don't you worry, power is at play on both sides right now,

We're not alone. Join me in supporting the light . 

Tell your friends to join me too.

All off us need to be doing the spiritual work, sharing love, joy and compassion.  

There is power in numbers and our power literally lies in compassion.  

We're all in this together. The greatest shift of humanity for generations. 

I love you,

Thanks for being part of this tribe.

Now go spread some light xx