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Moon Alchemy Membership


The moon is not just a beautiful silver orb glowing in our sky, she is a powerful planetary body that impacts us and our planet greatly with her cycles. She turns the tides of the ocean, dogs howl at her when she's in full blossom and even if we can't always cognitively understand it she imapacts our energy body drastically, some of us have trouble sleeping on a full moon and others have powerful dreams or mood swings. The moon in astrology is the embodiment of divine feminine, she encompasses our intuition, our emotions, feelings, female hormonal cycles and deep feminine wisdom. Ancient feminine civilisations have been working with the cycles of the moon for eons, utilising her powerful gravitational energy to manifest wonders and release all that doesn't serve us. When we as woman are deeply in tune with her energy, we can alchemise the energy at play, become powerful manifesters and create miracles. Join this moon membership to tap into the powerful cycles of the moon and work with her magic to tap into your spiritual magic and feminine wisdom!

Sarah x 

what you get:

Each month you'll receive access to three instagram live calls - via a private members online instagram account. You will have access to the following...

- Full moon live online astrology guidance via a private instagram live account with Q&A, full moon empowerment mediations and live rituals. 

- New moon live online instagram call with powerful manifestation meditation, as well as exercises and EFT tapping. 

- Start of each astrological season live astrology Q&A and guidance, with special guest interviews and a platform to ask questions relating to your specific birth chart. 

The cost of membership access is only $11.11 USD direct debited each month. 

You will be sent access to the private instagram account and all of the live calls, interviews and mediations/rituals will be saved to the private IGTV channel... that you can access at any time!!!

The first membership call will be on this powerful cancer new moon July 20th!

If you want to join my tribe of empowered woman, tap into the divine cycles of the moon and learn how to alchemise her magic -  join me below: