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Are you ready to become fully connected to your divine feminine power? Are you ready to alchemise your life by working with the cycles of the moon to tap into the currents of the universe and become deeply in tune with the rhythm of the cosmos?


Then this is for you!


Join this tribe of woman in this powerful portal, a membership that works with the moon and astrological archetypes to heal, release, manifest, call in  abundance and connect to source!


Each month you will have access to the virtual live Full moon and New moon circles. There is also weekly angel card readings for insight and guidance from spirit and regular astrology insights to help prepare for the cycles and energetics of each month.

All live virtual moon ceremonies are saved to the private instagram account so you can access anytime convenient for you!

This membership will keep you consistent with your spiritual practise, embody more light into your body. provide inner child healing and teach you the tools you need to truly alchemise your life on a deeper spiritual level. As above, so below. As within, so it is. Meaning… everything is energy and it all starts with you!!! We bring your energy into a high vibrational state each moon cycle… which will therefore show up in your external reality bringing in more healing, more self awareness, more connection, more joy, bliss abundance, truth and magic.

All of this for only $11.11 per month! 

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Full Moon Virtual Moon Circle 

Online astrology guidance via a private Instagram live account with Q&A, full moon empowerment mediations and live rituals. 

New Moon Live Virtual Moon Circle

Online Instagram call with powerful manifestation meditation, as well as exercises and EFT tapping. 

 Weekly angel card readings! 

Every weekend Sarah conducts a live angel card reading for insights and guidance from spirit for the week ahead.

Membership access is only $11.11 USD direct debited each month. 

You will be sent access to the private Instagram account and all of the live calls, interviews and mediations/rituals will be saved to the private IGTV channel... that you can access at any time!!!

If you want to join my tribe of empowered woman, heal childhood wounding, manifest abundance and create a clearer channel to your higher self, then join me as we tap into the divine cycles of the moon and learn how to alchemise her magic!

Moon Alchemy Membership

Welcome to the tribe, goddess!

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