She Sees The Stars Presents... 

A Night With The Cosmos!

Cosmic Initiation Circle!

Join Sarah as she tours the USA for this powerful moon circle, incorporating healing divine feminine energy and deep astrological insights for 2022! There will be a live Q&A, powerful energy initiation meditation, EFT energy clearing & mini one on one readings! Limited spaces available. 



Join Sarah for this mystical event, encompassing powerful energy healing, deep astrological insights and true embodiment of divine feminine empowerment!

Astrology Workshop

Discover the upcoming astrological insights for 2022 and learn how to work with the energies & alchemise your life! There will also be a Q&A around all things astrology. 

Manifestation Meditation

A deep guided meditation conducted by Sarah to embody high vibration energies and release any stuck energetic chords or blocks. 

EFT tapping!

EFT, or emotional tapping technique, is a powerful modality for energy clearing. Conducted in a group environment and combined with affirmation work it has a profoundly healing & uplifting impact on the soul.

Mini one on one astrology readings are included for every goddess in attendance!

Join Sarah for this special event as she tours the USA sharing the magic of astrology! 

This goddess circle is conducted in a luxurious hotel in Miami, Florida. Due to the venue restrictions, capacity is limited to 15 special woman only!


4-7pm, December 7th 2021

Miami, Florida 

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