Learn to live your life in accordance with the cycles of the moon!


This exclusive VIP membership allows you to alchemise your life and stay connected to the cosmos. Each month you will be sent an audio recording, forecasting the upcoming energies according to your personal birth chart and house placements. You will be guided on how to manifest with the new moon, release and let go with the full moon and fully embody the eclipse portals in alignment with your specific birth chart. Sarah uses her She Sees The Stars astrology method to accurately interpret the monthly transits for you and keep you aligned for the year to come. 























This membership is closed, unless you're a pre-existing member who would like to renew your space.



Consistent reminders from the Stars in accordance with your specific birth chart placements! 

These monthly astrological forecasts, specific to your house placements will allow you to accurately prepare for certain astrology currents in advance as they continuously unfold throughout the year. 


Learn to manifest & set intentions with the new moon specific to your chart! 


Each month you'll receive accurate guidance around new energy portals opening up to you and how and where to set your intentions & manifest like a magnet according to your birth chart and unique house placements.


Release & clear emotional blockages with the illuminations of each full moon cycle! 

Increase your intuition, step into your feminine depths and learn how to let go of areas of life that are holding you back! Get specific insights on the areas of life you are being called to up level and transcend.


"I honestly don't know how I would ever live without these forecasts! Sarah has accurately predicted the energetics for each month for me and it has helped me tremendously to trust the divine timing of the universe, have a greater faith in the universe and massively deepen my spiritual practise. Her regular insights are so profound, always accurate and these regular astrology check in's have changed the way I live and view my life... for the better!"

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VIP monthly membership for lovers of the cosmos
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