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I'm ready to Glow Up

Monthly New Moon Manifestation workshops with Sarah


Create abundance & learn to manifest monthly with each New Moon!  During these powerful group ceremonies we work with & alchemise the lunar cycles to live in sync with our divine feminine mother moon herself! These group ceremonies will encompass new moon magic and astrology forecasts for all signs, along with collective EFT tapping, removing energy blocks and creating a life aligned with your highest most luminous self.



Powerful Full Moon Ceremonies, illuminating your souls truth


These powerful and deeply spiritual Full Moon ceremonies work to release truth & trauma, to let go of karmic energy blocks and illuminate our intuition and psychic abilities! These ceremonies help to unblock your energy field and cleanse your aura. Each month we take a deep spiritual dive into each astrological archetype. There will be channelled forecasts for all signs and guided somatic meditations to embody the magic...Prepare to get mystical!























Monthly Tarot Readings


Join Lauren our in house tarot expert as she channels collective card readings & takes one on one personal card readings and questions each month! Lauren works with traditional tarot as well as angel cards and oracle cards to help connect to the angelic realms and channel loving messages from spirit. 



Energy readings & intuitive development workshops


Faye, our in house intuitive, provides energy readings for each month and guides you on how to embody your souls mission & develop a stronger connection to your intuition and souls voice. Third eye development and refining your intuition can help navigate your life in a more soul aligned way. 


Special Guest Soul Healers

Once per month we will have a guest appearance from an expert in the healing fields, sharing the magic of their speciality. We have a team of sound healers, reiki practitioners, crystal healers, somatic workers, nutritionist health experts, hormone experts, empowerment coaches and soul guides who will facilitate powerful workshops in this portal to help heal your inner child & bring you back home to yourself.



"Someone or something that glows."

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Susan Ellison

Sarah's Moon ceremonies have saved me over the past two years! Understanding astrology has helped me grasp destiny. I've become far less judgemental of myself, have faith in the bigger picture & for the first time in my life been able to surrender.


Lucy Phillips 

Wow, wow wow.. what an INSANE full moon mediation! I had no idea how much my inner child wounding was impacting MY WHOLE LIFE! That was such a powerful ceremony & such an important release for me! I will never, ever forget that. Thank you Sarah. 


Marie Thompson

I have been battling an eating disorder for over 12 years & after only 2 EFT group tapping sessions with Sarah, for the first time in my adult life, I am not wrapped up in the compulsion to binge. This work is beyond powerful, I wish I found spirituality so much sooner. 


All The Tools You Need To Live A Luminous Life


Everything is energy. Healing our energy frequency & dealing with the root cause of our suffering is the only way to live a high vibe life. Spirituality and embodying your higher voice can help you release energy blocks that are keeping your frequency at a lower vibration & blocking your auric field. This membership is to keep you consistent and aligned in your practise, to provide weekly content and all the tools you need to raise your vibration and start living a luminous and radiant life! Each month you will have exclusive access to all moon ceremonies, card readings, intuitive development workshops & powerful soul healings, to raise your vibration & up level every avenue of your life! It's time to shine & share your Luminescence!


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I'm Ready To Become Luminescent

To live your best life, you must address what is stuck in your energy field as subconsciously it's attracting more of the same. If we have unresolved grief, pain or shame, it will attract more of that vibration until we are ready to meet our truth and love it back to life. To become luminous and shine our brightest light, it is really an UNLEARNING of all fears, limiting beliefs, inner child trauma and low vibrational experiences. This membership is a safe and mystical container to release all energetic blocks that are dimming your light. It is time now to shine BRIGHT. The world needs your light more than ever before, and YOU are WORTHY of shining your true essence and radiant glow to attract more of that LIGHT! Energy is contagious.

It's your time to shine. 

All calls are conducted in a private zoom room and are available only to exclusive members. Every workshop will be scheduled a week in advance and call times and details will be sent out via email. All recordings of all live sessions will be automatically emailed out after the workshop. All healers are professionals with experience and necessary qualifications. Doors close March 16th! 

I'm ready to glow up



Glowing, bright, glimmering, gleaming, glistening, radiant, luminous, fluorescent.

"Someone or something that glows."