She Sees The Stars Retreat! 

Heal your soul in Paradise!
Bali, Indonesia

June 17th - 22nd

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Join us in Paradise for 6 nights & 7 days of soul healing and find the passion, joy, love and inspiration in your heart again! 

 A once in a lifetime experience you will never ever forget! 









Learn Venusian Energy Codes and Embody the Divine Essence of Ancient Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. 


Love is the most powerful energy there is.

But sometimes, due to childhood trauma, limiting belief systems/conditioning or previous heart-break, we can close our heart off to the frequency of love. 

I am here to remind you of your divine feminine beauty and your inherent cosmic worth.

This retreat is curated around re-coding your belief systems and aura with the powerful frequency of divine feminine empowerment and magnetic cosmic love. We will incorporate spiritual ceremonies, moon circles, energy healings and grounded ancient beauty rituals & health practises, to upgrade your energy field and open your heart to all the cosmic love you deserve. 

The Goddess codes of Venus and Aphrodite are deeply ingrained in the Islands of Greece - ancient Aphrodite energy is super powerful there.

Massive energetic transformations for the feminine can be ignited when we come together with open hearts on the mystical ancient islands of Greece. 

Join me in Mykonos to experience this heart opening Magic!


September 19th-24th 2022


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Held in a stunning luxury private villa in Mykonos, The Greek Islands 


Soak up the sun in absolute luxury, as we spend 5 nights and 6 days in our beautiful expansive ocean front villa .

The stunning island of Mykonos is enriched with Ancient Greek history and holds a super powerful energetic charge. The land is embedded with Ancient Greek feminine essence & inspires your soul with its natural beauty, white cliff faces, crystal clear blue waters and eons of divine mythical rituals and energy codes ingrained in the land & crystalline waters.


Connect with like minded soul sisters from all around the world 


Establish life-time friendships with beautiful like minded souls, as you go through an unforgettable week together of healings, feminine empowerment, energy re-coding, self discovery, fun, play, joy and connection! 

Fresh & delicious plant based, authentic Greek meals, provided by top Vegan restaurant Koukoumi, Mykonos.


Enjoy lush fresh fruits, juices, healthy organic salads and delicious, local and wholesome Greek meals. All catering is organic and plant-based and every meal is included.

(Other than the final goddess dinner where you can order what you would like to eat from the delicious restaurant menu.)

Visit some of the most beautiful European beaches in the world  

Our beautiful Cycladic style villa is just two minutes walk away from beautiful Agios Sostis beach, one of the most tranquil and peaceful beaches on the stunning island of Mykonos. 


Private Yacht Cruise 

Make unforgettable memories as we sail around the beautiful Island of Mykonos and swim in the healing and cleansing waters of the Aegean Sea. 


Sacred Beauty Rituals 

Each Goddess is gifted a Sacred Beauty Ritual kit including organic beauty skin serums, a rose quartz face roller & a Nephrite Jade gua Sha face stone. During the retreat we will be indulging in multiple self love beauty rituals and self care/skin care practises. 

Detailed astrology lessons & workshops as well as your own private  astrology reading with Sarah


Learn the language of the cosmos as well as receiving deep soul guidance with an in person thirty minute astrology reading with Sarah. Profound insights will be provided and you may ask questions about your souls truth & purpose to gain more clarity and self awareness. 

Your own Personal, Professional Goddess Photo Shoot


Our incredibly talented female photographer, who specialises in goddess feminine empowerment photography, will capture you against the stunning backdrop of Mykonos. This process challenges you to step into your empowerment behind the camera!  You will be sent these images to keep, to witness yourself in your power, savour the memories of Mykonos or to utilise for your own creative endeavours/promotions.

Sacred Cacao ceremony 

Cacao is not only delicious, it is Sacred and has a beautiful impact of opening the heart. We will enjoy a cacao celebration together, to open the heart chakra, heal previous heart break and call in divine love.




Inner child healing & feminine embodiment practises

Most of our energy blocks come from childhood trauma stored in our body. We will experience multiple ceremonies focused on healing our inner child and re-balancing our super powerful feminine womb magic. 


Heart Healing Breath-work  

One of the biggest themes of this retreat is healing your heart chakra to embodiment the frequency of divine feminine love, to emit the vibration of love and call soul aligned love into your life. Breath-work is a powerful way to dive deep into your heart chakra and bust through energy blocks standing in the way of your truest and most authentic self love.  

All of this magic as well as.....


-Assistance in organising your airport transfer to the venue 


- Powerful Moon circles & New moon meditation and manifestation techniques


- Sunset experience at world famous venue Scorpios.


- Soul healing breath work ceremony 


- Heart opening cacao ceremony 


- Fire pit burning & release ceremony 


- Sacred dance & Chakra re-alignment ceremony 


- Manifestation & abundance rituals 


- Daily yoga and meditation


- Inner child healing workshop 


- Private individual Goddess photo shoot 


- Sacred tour of Ancient Greek astrological sites 


- swim in the world famous majestic Aegean Sea   


- Goddess Dinner at one of the most beautiful ocean front beach clubs in the world 


- Explore the artistic and aesthetically beautiful town of Mykonos 


- Private yacht tour around the Cyclades 


- Astrology workshops, learning how to navigate your birth chart as well as deep diving into Venus and the meaning of Venus in astrology. 


- A truly unforgettable experience in one of the most sacred and beautiful places in the world.


Ancient Greece awaits!!! 


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“Sarah’s retreat was truly unforgettable! Each day encompassed the theme and archetype of a planet, and the activities and facilitators were all well curated to flow in line with the theme. I learned so much about myself through the astrology workshops and the personal reading with Sarah. For me this retreat was more than just an astrology retreat - I learned so much about my soul, opened up to new healing modalities, connected with like-minded women, and I healed and grew so much from being a part of this amazing experience!”


Yvonne, Seattle. 



"When I say that Sarah’s retreat in Bali was life changing for me, I am not exaggerating. I stepped out of my comfort zone on so many levels and traveled nearly 24 hours to join her Bali retreat and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It was truly an amazing experience and I am forever grateful I was able to be a part of the magic."


Jolie, Miami. 



"Sarah’s retreat was a life changing experience. Not only was it jam packed with wonderful activities, it allowed me to fully embrace being myself with an amazing and supportive set of beautiful women - which are all now life long friends. Sarah is a truly special soul, with such talent when it comes to guidance and astrology. Her warm, welcoming and loving energy is always something I will remember her for. She created such a special week for all of us - a retreat I will always remember."

Joanne, England.



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