The Soul Of Astrology

 Portal One - Beginner 


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This divinely channelled astrology course is created for the lovers of astrology, worshippers of the moon and goddesses of the universe, who want to deeply understand the ancient language of the stars! The first of three courses created by Sarah from She Sees The Stars, this beginners course teaches you the fundamentals of astrology in a profound, yet easily digestible way.


Get ready to begin your life changing journey to becoming an astrologer! 




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Get to know YOUR soul on a whole other level!

Learn intimately about YOUR personal birth placements to navigate your life's purpose & blueprint with innate wisdom and life changing self awareness 

Understand the ancient Wisdom of the stars!

Learn the true language of the universe to provide enlightenment about the meaning of life, the undercurrents of the human experience and gain profound spiritual insight of the journey here on earth 

Become an astrologer! 

Begin your journey of becoming a astrologer by signing up for this comprehensive course, providing the fundamentals & basics of astrology to allow you to eventually assist and guide others on their souls path 

During the 12 weeks you will learn...


 - How to load a birth chart correctly online, using the tropical, western whole sign system. We also look into the different components of a birth chart and what they all mean.

- The difference between the personal planets and the outer moving generational planets and asteroids and how they influence a chart reading. We also take a deep dive into the personal planets & what they represent in a birth chart.  

- The zodiac elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) and how they influence a soul. We also take a deeper dive into the outer moving planets and how their energy & archetypes impact a natal chart. 

- The Zodiac archetypes, symbolism and meanings.

- The Zodiac archetypes, symbolism and meanings part 2 

- The house system, meaning of each house and the themes incorporated within them   part 1 

- The house system, meaning of each house and the themes incorporated within them   part 2

- The north and south nodes and how they influence karma and our souls strengths and weaknesses. 

- Love and relationship components within a birth chart.

- Career components within a birth chart. 

- Saturn and Pluto in a birth chart.

- Celebrity reading examples, practice chart readings & example character analyses. 




 Taught using the unique She Sees The Stars Method





At the end of the course there will be an assessment. On completion of the assessment, if you pass the test, you will receive official certification and documentation from She Sees The Stars, for the completion of the beginners course !


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I've had three readings with Sarah so far, once per year... and my god she is incredible. Before her I had other astrology readings but they never EVER resonated as much as Sarah's. Her style and technique is mind-glowingly accurate and I am so unbelievably happy I found her, as her once a year guidance has changed my life profoundly. It is beyond healing to feel so seen and so compassionately guided to make the right decisions to live my best life. I was never much of a believer in astrology before I met Sarah, now I am fully converted! This guidance has made so much sense of things and events in my life & has healed my heart in so many ways. 



Lucy Carew

International Journalist 

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Who is this course for?


- Goddesses who want to deepen their spiritual practise by understanding their birth chart DEEPLY, to gain deep self awareness around their souls purpose, their souls karma and how to live in full alignment with their truest, highest path.

- Goddesses who LOVE astrology and have been enjoying it as a hobby, who would like to really understand the fundamentals and basics of this ancient language on a much deeper level,  to assist in their relationships, guide their partnerships, family members and soul sisters/brother. 

- Business owners in the self help/self development industries who would like to incorporate astrology into their services to guide clients in a deeper and more profound and aligned level utilising the addition of astrology 

- Souls who are looking for a new career path in life and love the idea of become a budding astrologer and want to get the journey started!!!




Sarah is pure magic. This woman understands me on a soul level more than anyone ever has.... all within a one hour consult ! I have never felt more seen in my entire life. Her reading method is clear, honest, compassionate and everything just makes sense! She is SO gifted with astrology and this was so different to any other astrology method I've had before... she channels for you too and gives you guidance on how to stay on the right path in life. I will be consulting with her yearly for the rest of my life!!!! 


Carla Stanfield

CEO - New Zealand 


The Soul of Astrology!!!


Portal one - Beginners course



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