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Sarah Thomas (She Sees The Stars) is an astrologer born in New Zealand yet currently based in Bali, that has read the natal charts for hundreds of people - from successful book authors, famous DJ’s, mums, students and people from multiple cultures and all walks of life. As a kid she was always obsessed with space and the mysteries of the universe and after a powerful solo trip around India she discovered astrology and never looked back, immediately becoming obsessed and studying western astrology. Always being spiritually inclined and highly intuitive, she utilises her intuition to read your astrological chart, providing more than an average reading and resonating with her clients in a profound way, giving deep Clarity, insight and guidance around your souls path in this lifetime.


Oh. My. Goodness I love you. I just listened to the reading and I am completely and utterly blown away. I cried the entire time but I'm sure you assumed that! This was so incredibly amazing and so incredibly spot on. You are an amazingly talented astrologer and intuitive. I thank you so so so so much for this reading. I don't think you understand how special and how important this is to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for this!!!

                                                 Laura, USA

When I had my chart read by Sarah it was like having coffee with an old friend. Her candid and joyful approach to everything she does shines bright even though we are chatting about intense events in my life she has a way of weaving in the super positive and guiding you towards your highest potential. My reading with Sarah was spot on and I walked away feeling more empowered to tackle the year!

                              Lala, Australia

No joke this was freaky as fuck what was read to me in this reading. It was so spot on with the weird shit that has happened in my life. It was such a beautiful reading though and it reassured me that I'm on the right track.    

                                                 Gabby, U.K.

This was very scary as it was amazingly accurate but also nice to see because so many things that I always knew but thought I was weird and different.. this was a great reinforcement to always be me. I loved it! 

                              De, USA 

Sarah, I'm actually speechless this was so helpful and healing and I wish I hadv'e spoken to you years ago! You've enabled me to make some big brave decisions that I might not have been strong enough to make prior to talking with you - I can't thank you enough this reading for you really woke me up and has impacted my life in a positive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to speaking with you again soon!